frequently asked questions


cosmetic acupuncture

How does it work?

The constitutional aspect of the treatment is a traditional Chinese medicine philosophy of – Yin/Yang, channels/collaterals and the organ system. Differential diagnosis helps determine which pattern presents and which treatment protocol to take. Most needles on the face are inserted on acupuncture points related to organs of the body and some are to elicit a muscular response.

Does it hurt?

I haven’t met anyone who loves needles, but I have met many people who love acupuncture. Some of my most regular clients have the strongest aversion to needles, a real phobia. I would say most points do not hurt, but some you will feel slightly and some slightly stronger. It depends on the location and which technique I use, i.e. a motor-point is a junction of nerve and muscle and has a stronger sensation than non motor-points. Generally, a sensation is a good sign and nothing to be afraid of. You might even grow to love it too.

How long does it take?

The full protocol with masques takes around 75 minutes.
If you prefer to skip the masque component then 60 minutes is required.
A problem area, like jowls or frown lines on their own requires only 30 minutes.

When will I see results?

Results start immediately and accumulate with each treatment. I liken it to a fitness program – you will feel some affect after your first workout, but see the results with regular sessions. In my experience, people hear compliments about their appearance at around the 6th – 8th appointment.

How many treatments will I need?

It is recommended that a course of 12 sessions in close succession be your foundation treatment, i.e. twice per week for one month and once per week for the second month. After that and according to your time availability, I recommend once a fortnight or even better, once a week for speedier results.

What will happen if I stop treatments?

If you take holidays or have to stop treatments for any reasons, the effects will remain for a good while and as soon as you can resume your treatments, the quicker you continue to build upon your rejuvenation.

What if I bruise?

Usually, bruising is avoided, but there are some conditions, which are indicators of a constitutional weakness. I find that in these circumstances the bruising decreases as your health improves. Other factors including medications, pregnancy, cold and flu, infectious diseases, bleeding disorders are just some contraindications for which this treatment is not suitable. On some occasions, minor bruising may occur following treatment. Although every precaution is taken to prevent this from happening, it can’t be guaranteed. If bruising does occur, use a cold compress and arnica, but recovery is quick.