facial rejuvenation


the beginning:

Your initial consultation will be a detailed assessment of your state of health – your constitution.

This includes past and present – both congenital and acquired. All factors are considered in this evaluation to help create a pattern diagnosis and a treatment plan. Remember, this is a total health plan, which is more than skin deep.



Together, we discuss your concerns about health and appearance. This is an honest and open discussion between us. With this information I design a personalised and realistic treatment plan, which may include lifestyle changes because the results will depend on our combined efforts.

There are no short cuts to true health, however there are fast tracks through consistency and determination.




cosmetic acupuncture

This acupuncture treatment involves some body points which relate to your state of health, as well as specific points on your face and neck to treat your ageing concerns. The body points will begin the process of health rejuvenation and will have an effect on the signs and symptoms presenting on your face, because your face carries the signs of your state of health. The face and neck points target the areas you wish to address by toning or relaxing the muscles and encouraging nutrient rich blood circulation. Cosmetic Acupuncture is the foundation treatment to real and continuous changes. A series of 12 treatments will be planned after your initial consultation and requires your consistency. … read more cosmetic acupuncture treatment